Exhibition – Other Glances

Nelson Garrido, two other photographers (Olivia da Silva and Bruno Carreira Cruz) and four artists, 4 Pontos (Sara Botelho, Ricardo Gonçalves, Carlos Costa and Jacinta Costa),  where invited by curator, Horacio Tomé Marques, to “perform” an exhibition on the Museu Abade Pedrosa, in Santo Tirso, Portugal.

This exhibition performs an intervention on the space that has a project by the two Portuguese Pritzkers, Álvaro Siza and Souto de Moura, to be  executed .

Nelson Garrido presents a series of pictures that result from the pursuit, in this city, of abandoned buildings or structures that in a way could be seen like sculptures.



Relating the celebrations of 15 years of the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture from Santo Tirso and concepts evidenced by the sculpture of Pedro Cabrita Reis, in this city, including the condition of incompleteness, we reinterpret and explore possible extensions of these concepts, contributing to reflection around a phenomenon, increasingly present in the territory which disqualifies the urban space and dehumanizes it.

Therefore, we think that, in an era which the territory is being transformed with the abandonment of numerous buildings, many of them unfinished, it is urgent to be aware of the phenomenon installed and question the emerging state of abandonment. We faced numerous spaces, objects and buildings that dot the city, like the sculptures of the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture from Santo Tirso.
In the images presented we explore the sculptural and symbolic dimension of selected buildings. With the simulacrum of light, we intend to display spectacularity to the picture and suggest another kind of reading, different from the one that these structures suggest on the daily life, with which we accentuate its condition of abandonment and simultaneously rescued them from that condition.

Nelson Garrido