This Park is a reconversion of a formal garden by Kuwait Amiri Diwan built in the early 1960’s, to celebrate the city’s modernization, and named as “Shaheed Garden” after Saddam’s Invasion in memory of the war martyrs.

The almost 20Ha urban parkcomprehends the reconversion of the formal Green Belt Park built between 1961-64 following the demolition of the Kuwait ‘sour’. After concerns raised by the community,the park was reclaimed in 2012 for the introduction of built program that can perform as ground for national celebrations and festivals. The Lead local Consultant TAEP teamed up with the international consultant Ricardo Camacho on the competition-winning redesign. The project included the integration of several buildings in the existing garden and the selection of a native vegetation scheme that could respond to water consumption restrictions, the harsh environmental conditions and urban maintenance practices.


Text by Ricardo Camacho