AA: industrial warehouse versus artistic project
Located in Coimbra’s industrial area, the Adémia office building and storage warehouse is made of two volumes combining warehouse space, office facilities and a commercial area. A flat-roofed passage on the first floor connects the two buildings, creating a view over the courtyard at street level which is used as meeting space and a parking area.
The selected materials play a major role in the characterization of the two volumes. A horizontal line runs across the two buildings, creating a clear distinction between two key materials: concrete and grey coated corrugated steel panels. A cast in-situ concrete wall emerges from the foundations level to meet this horizontal line. Above, the entire facade surface is clad with corrugated steel places, including points where there are openings.
Ultimately, the consistent use of these two materials throughout the project, and the inventive ways in which they are combined together, creates a unique identity for both buildings to act as a whole.