The Ascer Architecture Prize in 2014, one of Spain’s most prestigious architecture prize was awarded to Camarim architects for the project of a house in the heart of Lisbon.

Located a few meters from the Garden of Príncipe Real , this 41 m² plot allows the construction of a small 5-storey urban house for a family in Lisbon and was highlighted by the jury as “a brilliant interpretation using [the tile] in the historic center of Lisbon. ”

The building’s skin is a contemporary approach to the tiles covering the former building, which was in advanced state of decay. A set of abstract rules was used to transform the original tile’s motif in an abstract pattern, embodied in 3 distinct media: a flat-tile base, a bas-relief-tile body and a perforated-steel, light-permeable, entablature.

Ascer Prize is awarded by a panel of judges that includes Martha Thorne, director of the Pritzker Prize , Fernando Márquez Cecilia, director of the prestigious magazine of architecture El Croquis, and Emilio Tunon, architect awarded with Mies Van der Rohe Award.