Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center is the most recent project developed by AGI Architects, an international design firm founded in 2006, with offices in Kuwait and Madrid.

Located in Kuwait, one of the main objectives of this medical building was to create a positive space, able to act, not only as a medical center, but as a local with social activity.
From the outside, the volume established a relation between the patients, the medical centre and the environment, like a cultural and social infrastructure.
The materials were chosen to provide a high sustainable performance to protect of harsh weather of Kuwait.
The facade is marked for two large red openings, creating the access to the building.
Being a Cardiac Center, the starting point for this design project was the anatomic scheme of the heart. Inside, the central atrium was designed like a heart.
This Cardiac Center, more than a hospital to treat patients, sought to promote a positive atmosphere, with natural light where they feel at home.